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Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution.

- Kahlil Gibran

Counseling Services Program

2780 Eastex Freeway
BeaumontTX 77703

Becky Richard, LPC

Fax: 409-832-0145

  Affordable Counseling for All

Catholic Charities provides services to individuals and families regardless of their religious beliefs. The cost of Counseling Services is set by a sliding fee scale and may be subsidized for those with lower incomes.

What is counseling?

  • Counseling is an opportunity for you to meet with a licensed professional trained in psychology, social work, or counseling.
  • Counseling is a conversation that is different from most—it is entirely about you; your feelings, perceptions and experiences.  It may focus on your past, the present, or more commonly, both.
  • The counselor strives to establish a climate of trust and safety through attentive listening, responsiveness, and the communication of understanding.
  • Respect for each client’s cultural, social and spiritual ideals is an important aspect of the counseling relationship.
  • The counselor may ask questions, present ideas about what is said, or help you make connections that you may not have noticed previously. 
  • Through the therapeutic relationship, the opportunity for self-exploration and growth can occur.  Old hurts can be eased…even healed.  New directions and areas for change can be explored.

Individual Counseling

Don’t know which way to turn?  Feeling depressed or “stressed out?”  Sometimes talking to a counselor helps.  Counseling can bring relief and hope to people who are overwhelmed, depressed, anxious or suffering from trauma.

Family Counseling

Are you having a family problem?  Do you have a child with difficulties at school or home?  Family counseling can help identify the issues, defuse stress, and improve communication between family members.

Marriage & Relationship Counseling

Are you preparing to be married?  Having marital/relationship problems?  Counseling can help you and your partner discuss issues with fewer arguments.  We can assist with problem-solving.  Counseling can help you and your partner to become allies, working together toward a happier marriage.

Grief Counseling

If you have experienced the loss of a loved one, a relationship, a job, or other significant loss, grief counseling can help you work through the feelings that accompany that loss.  While you will never be the same person you were before the loss, you can begin to feel like living again, carrying the memory of your loved one with you in a different way.

Click the following link to view, print, or email a copy of Counseling's program brochure: Counseling Services Program Brochure

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